Thursday, November 11, 2010

The power of the Wii

A few years ago, right after Austin was diagnosed with SPD, we decided to purchase a Wii. I'm sitting in my living room this evening watching Austin play. This is a nightly event in our house.

What I've learned is that video games are not as horrible as I've heard. Quite the contrary, the Wii and the physical aspects of it are actually theraputic. I know I've seen an article or two on OT's that have incorporated Wii therapy for Sensory kids but I guess until recently I didn't really believe it.

Wii gives Austin the hard movement needed to remain calm. He doesn't argue with us when he's engaged in a game, regardless if it's battling Aliens in Ben 10 or dancing to "Who let the dogs out" playing "Just Dance" (which he happens to be playing as I type this). I think playing the Wii also allows his brain to be challenged as well. In a game like "Ben 10" he has to think strategically in order to defeat aliens and progress to future levels.

In addition to the "thinking" learning he's getting he's starting to apply reading as well. As he finished dancing to "Who let the dogs out" he had to know what to do next, he asked me which selection he needed to choose, I replied "the one that starts with the letter "N" (the word Next).

Austin plays Wii for about 1 hour every night during the week and if we're home on the weekends he'll play for as long as I'll let him. Weekdays not only is he calmer at night bedtime is almost a "non-event"!! Now, if we could just figure out what would help Cooper go to bed life would be beautiful in our crazy household!

I LOVE THE WII!  The trampoline now sits in the basement as does the kids "eliptical" machine we had for him to work his muscles and it has been replaced by.. yes I will admit it... a video game system!!!


  1. Hey there! I totally agree. Since my husband programs video games, we can't get past being a "gaming household". Very good to find out that it is actually beneficial to my SPD son! BTW, I just joined the SPDBN and was wondering if I could link to your blog as one I follow?

  2. Welcome Tiffany! Glad to share my stories with other moms that are living life with an SPD family :) I'm very ok with you linking my blog to yours, I just read yours as well and would like to do the same!

  3. I just wanted to say that my son loves the wii too. He has SPD and plays it whenever I let him. I too think that it is helpful. Our trampoline has recently been sold at a garage sale because we just don't use it anymore.