Saturday, October 23, 2010

A week of firsts....

Our First Parent/Teacher Conference for Austin this week and Austin's FIRST Sleepover at a friends house!

Let's see, the parent teach conference did not exactly go as I expected. While there was mention of "fidgety", "anxious" and "frustrated" they were always followed by "but, I have a class full of children like this and they are only five years old".

I guess my optimism of having a supportive teacher our first year in public school when I met her this summer was naive. During our first meeting she mentioned things like " I know exactly what you're going through...", "I have a daughter with SPD....", "Let me know about the testing and we'll get moving on an IEP as soon as we know something.."...

Well... now we're in a "Austin's a typical kindergartener" type of conversation. HE IS NOT TYPICAL!  HE HAS SPD! I manuvered my way through the 20 minute conversation with a lot of "Yes, but..." and "we'll see what the testing says" and walked away from the school with more drive and determination to get some answers and fight for my son.

THE SLEEPOVER!! WOW, I think I was more worried than Austin was yesterday (Ok, if you ask my husband or my mother they'll tell you I was to worried!) . I rushed home to make sure that I could remind him of the importance of manners and letting his friend make the decisions on what to play etc. He must have gotten the message from the multiple conversations we had 2 days before because before he left he said, "Mommy, I'm not going to chew my clothes and I'm not going to do anything that should be done in private as Mathew's house". Guess what! He didn't do either of those things! He made it through with manners and no meltdowns!! This morning, well, that's another story... I made the mistake of taking him shopping at Walmart with me and spent most of the trip through the busy store reminding him to stay with me and why he couldn't purchase most of the toy department before we left. 

I can live with some chaos and frustration today and maybe even tomorrow, last night my son was "Normal" he was not labeled as SPD he was just a good friend that had a great time!

By the way folks, another first for me I've joined the SPD Bloggers Network. Check it out! Just click on the icon on my blog page and read through other's stories about SPD. There are so many folks out there going through what we are. I've enjoyed reading quite a few of these already and look forward to reading more.

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  1. Hi sweetie! I am stopping by from the SPD network! I am their newest member and just wanted to say hi! I can not wait to get to know you and your family better. I am your newest blog follower!