Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chew toys...

It amazes me that my son can find anything to chew on. We spent a fortune yesterday on new clothes for the fall and he's been wearing a fleece pull over from Old Navy all day. Not because it's cold out, while there is a breeze it's quite beautiful today, but because he can chew on the collar without stretching it out. It's like his personal "chew toy". When I picked him up from school Friday the sweet, innocent teenager that was was responsible for his care pulled me aside and said "Um, are you aware that he has been chewing on his shirt lately?" .. :) Silly girl, isn't that normal? It is in my house. Yes, I calmly stated, that's normal behavior for us. "If you aren't comfortable with him chewing his shirt, please feel free to give him a straw to chew on, or something crunchy to eat".

Chewing on clothing is a calming sensation for Austin, oddly enough it is for the dog Coco as well! I just can't see giving my five year old a teething ring so if he chooses to chew the heck out of a 10.00 fleece pull over from Old Navy, then so be it!!!! We'll buy everyone they have and just keep rotating them. If that's what it takes to keep him and the rest of the household sane than Old Navy fleece it is!!!

This is new to me, blogging that is, however, I've been tracking "stuff" on my computer about my son for awhile now and thought why not share some of this. there has to be more folks out there like us.

We've been dealing with Sensory issues for 2 and a half years now, first with our oldest son and now our youngest is following in his footsteps..... maybe blogging about life in our household will help me keep calm.. maybe not... we'll see... I am a firm believer in trying something new.

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