Monday, November 1, 2010

The results are in....

I have to be honest and let you all know that I am not really in the mood to be eloquent and ensure what I'm writing makes sense to all that read. I am tired, very tired. It's been a long month and a very long evening.

After an agonizing month long wait I finally met with the Psychologist to get the answers I've been searching for regarding Austin's behaviors. I wasn't really sure to what to expect, however, I can share that I told my mom tonight that my biggest fear was that they were going to tell me that I have a very intelligent son that has learned how to "play" us.. nothing more than that. HA... would that have been nice to hear now that I have answers!!!

Not sure where to start here, so I'm going to brain dump...

1. IQ test -- for those that are not aware Austin had an IQ test done last Spring when we were considering a private school for gifted children that our daughter attended. Bottom line, that test revealed Austin had a well above average IQ -- 138 to be exact!  The psychologist did a more comprehensive test this time around. He is still above average, however, this test revealed a greater than 20 pt gap between Austin's Performance and Verbal IQ's ==== Performance = 123, Verbal = 101 ====  large gaps -- not ok :)

2. Aspergers? NO --- it was not found that Austin has Aspergers. While the information I provided did appear to lean towards Aspergers, the teacher comments and Austin himself did not present any signs of Aspergers == PHEW for now, I was also told that there have been instances where at 5 a child did not present with Aspergers, however, was later found to have it. For now, we'll go with NOT ASPERGERS, mostly for my sanity

3. So, if not Aspergers, what is it? Better yet, I think the question is What "ISN'T" it? The "official" diagnosis is as follows :   ADHD not otherwised specified, OCD not otherwise specified and Anxiety Disorder not otherwised specified.  Basically it could be one or all of these diagnosis. Since Austin is only 5 years old, and although very intelligent, he did not allow the relationship with the psychologist for her to really understand what's going on in his very active litle brain.

Next Steps:

1. Sleep, think, think, think....

2. Write letter to school requesting an IEP evaluation that includes OT and PT evals (Psychologist recommended another SPD screening as Austin's been released from OT since May of 09 and coping skills are slipping again and interfering in his school work)

3. Call pediatricians office to schedule meeting with Psychiatrist to discuss potential medication for the list of "not otherwise specified" disorders listed above

4. Call office Austin was evaluated at to see about getting him into see a therapist on an ongoing basis, maybe we can move to removing a "not otherwise specified" label from one of many areas of concern

5. Sleep, think, think, think ... hug my son and remember how much he continues to teach me.

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  1. I just found your blog today. I'm on the SPD Blogger Network, too. Every once in awhile I go back and see the list has grown and there are new blogs to explore!

    I was reading this post and struck esp. by #2 - our SPD child just finished the evaluation process and it came out the same regarding Aspergers (yes according to us, the parents, and no according to teacher and psychologist who administered the test). #3 was awfully familiar as well - our son has OCD tendencies (for obsessing, but not compulsions) and was diagnosed with anxiety....we are now looking into a 504 plan for school and in the first steps of a med consult with a psychiatrist.

    I'm following your blog!