Saturday, December 18, 2010

The perfect gift...

I have to be honest I have not had a minute to write these last few weeks. We've had a whirl wind of activities, illnesses and all around craziness!! Why not, it is the Holiday's after all the one time of year I wish we could kick back and relax and enjoy each other, instead it always seems to be the time of year for complete chaos.

While I am completely on top of my shopping and my wrapping for the first time in FOREVER, I am still struggling with getting Austin the the one thing I wish I could give him, the perfectly balanced life experiences.

The perfect gift this Christmas would be nothing more than the ability to provide my son with an environment that met every single one of his needs. I recognize we're a long long way off from this. as a matter of fact, this week we have moved into a Disposable Clothing stage in our house. YEP --- disposable clothing you read that correctly! We are in oral over load and every day our shirt is torn to shreds from the stimulation we need. While the OT from school did call the other day and stated she was not waiting for the formal IEP process and that Austin needed help and that they wanted him to start chewing gum in school it still is not the solution. Austin is still tearing through shirt collars everyday.

On top of chewing his clothes we can't seem to find that one winter jacket that doesn't hurt, tickle, constrict etc. We are continuing to wear two layers of fleece jackets and a hat to try to keep warm. Tonight, I'll trek out again to return the two jackets I've tried this week and hunt for yet another style. If anyone has any suggestion for winter coats for SPD kids I'd love to hear them!

So, this Christmas I am going to try to settle for what I can and to try to provide my children with the best Christmas I can provide given our special family circumstances. YEP -- I'm going to shower them with material gifts, if they asked for it they are getting it!! Hopefully, for a few hours on Christmas morning we will enjoy the surprises and just being a family. This year, in particular, I am going to cherish the fact that my sister will be joining us for our fesitivities.

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you receive those special gifts of the season that bring our families together and allow us to appreciate what we have.

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  1. Hi,

    Was doing a google on kids chewing up their good winter coats in days, leaving saliva soaked collars and bedrooms filled with everything teethmarked...... Anyway, just thought I leave a note to hang in there and hope you will take care too. Prayed for strength for you too...

    Take care.